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To learn how to

  • use geoDataClient to geocode any U.S. address
  • create a 3D view of your favorite place with three mouseclicks

select geoDataClient.

To learn how to

  • import a USGS 3 arc second DEM
  • drape a US Bureau of the Census texture over it

select Using 3 Arc Second Data.

To learn how to

  • import a portion of a binary USGS 30 arc second DEM
  • create a TGA DEM
  • create a colormap file
  • create a TruFlite scenery (TRF) file

select Using 30 Arc Second Data.

In accordance with NASA policy, the USGS EROS Data Center hosts and distributes SRTM data via the USGS Seamless Data Distribution System - Enhanced.

To learn how to use SRTM data, select Using SRTM Data.

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