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Using 3 Arc Second Data

To create the 3D view of Los Angeles shown at our Gallery page, you simply need to follow the recipe below.

Users of our free TFMAKE simply have to type,

tfmake_3arcsecond -119 35

Then load "SCENE.TRF" with TruFlite, push the "Render" button renderbutton, and adapt the viewing parameters according to your needs based on this initial view.

And this is what will be done by TFMAKE, and what can be done manually, too:

Retrieve the Texture Data

1. Get the raw GIF file (90.8 KB, from the Bureau of the Census server) and save it as "TIGER.GIF".

2. Convert the 8bit GIF file "TIGER.GIF" to uncompressed 24bit TGA using any graphics editor and save it as "TIGER.TGA".

3. Rectify the file "TIGER.TGA" into "LA_TX.TGA" using TruFlite (use the "Browse..." buttons to select directory and file names, enter the numbers given here):

Menu item "Calculate/Math Functions/Rectify..."
Texture rectification dialog

4. Crop the upper left 960 (w) by 1200 (h) pixels of "LA_TX.TGA" using any graphics editor and save it under the same name.

Retrieve the Elevation Data

1. Get the gzipped DEM file (1.73 MB, from the U.S. Geological Survey server) and save it as "USGS.GZ".

2. Expand "USGS.GZ" using an extraction tool capable of expanding GZIPped files, e. g. GUNZIP.EXE.

3. Rename the expanded file to "LA.DEM".

4. Convert the elevation file "LA.DEM" into "LA_EL.TGA" using TruFlite (use the "Browse..." buttons to select directory and file names):

Menu item "Calculate/Import Filters/USGS DEMs..."
DEM import dialog

Define the Scenery Data

Well, all you need now is a TRF (scenery) file for TruFlite to shoot a picture.

Try LA.TRF, which shows Los Angeles from the south, and load it into TruFlite.

NOTE: The file names given in this example TRF file ("LA_TX.TGA" and "LA_EL.TGA") don't have a path (they refer to the default directory). You should switch to full path names as soon as you have downloaded the TRF file by selecting the "Browse..."/"OK" button sequence for each file. If you don't, TruFlite might not be able to locate the files.

Do the Rendering

Select the menu item "Calculate/Final..." or push the render button renderbutton.

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