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50 States

Here you'll find a U.S. Census Bureau map of all 50 States:

United States Maps - Overview

The new, free geocoding application geoDataClient makes is even easier to create 3D views of your favorite place in no time. We recommend to use it instead of the separate Tiger and DEM files referenced below.

Why? geoDataClient does the geocoding, downloading, georeferencing, coloring, and even the scenery creation automatically.


Alabama - Mobile Bay:

Pensacola - West         31N/088W-30N/087W Tiger DEM

Instead downloading from the two links, you may open geoDataClient. Note the desired top left latitude, 31 degrees N, and the top left longitude, 88 degrees W.

West: -88 degrees, North: 31 degrees

Settings... Quad Size: 1.000 degree,  Align quad to grid, Remove intermediate files

Back to the main window, Proceed...

This is what will be printed to the output window (all you need is check the bottom line, "...successfully finished.")

Get the elevation data first: Shuttle Radar Topography (SRTM) data.
Waiting 10 seconds - request submitted, server prepares dataset
Waiting 20 seconds - maybe repeatedly, that's up to the server's load
Waiting 1 second - ah, the file has been prepared on the server side, ready for download
Waiting 0 second - start the download
Executing HTTP request: "" - this is the texture file
Stretching...Shrinking... - do the georeferencing
Download successfully finished. - That's what we've been waiting for

The whole procedure normally takes under one minute.

The result are four files (NNNNNNNN is an arbitrary eight digit number):

NNNNNNNN_1.trf - a scenery file
NNNNNNNN_2.trf - another scenery file
NNNNNNNN_el.tga - an elevation file
NNNNNNNN_tx_c.tga - a texure file exactly matching the elevation file

Both sceneries were designed to give the viewer just a short overview; each scenery renders 100 images creating a very short flyby. To get an impression of the camera motion as a wireframe animation, open any of the TRF files using TruFlite, then press Ctrl+E (Calculate/Preview...). To start the final rendering, press Ctrl+F (Calculate/Final...). To stop rendering inbetween, press Ctrl+T (Calculate/Stop rendering...).

Below is the result. Keep in mind: This is only a rough overview for a first impression. You can greatly enhance the image quality by changing TruFlite's camera parameters like e. g. the output image size and the camera focal length.

The list below contains links to texture (Tiger) and elevation (DEM) data so that you can create images of some of America's most interesting landforms.

Users of TFMAKE don't need to follow the links below: Just specify the northwest coordinates. Type


for e. g. "Pensacola - West" or


for "Escalante - East", and so on.

If you have any questions or comments about this service, drop us a line at

The coordinates below specify the northwest and southeast corners of each 1 quad, resp.

Alabama - Mobile Bay

Pensacola - West         31N/088W-30N/087W Tiger DEM
Mobile - East            31N/089W-30N/088W Tiger DEM

Alaska - Mount McKinley

Mount McKinley - West    64N/153W-63N/152W Tiger DEM
Mount McKinley - Center  64N/152W-63N/151W Tiger DEM
Mount McKinley - East    64N/151W-63N/150W Tiger DEM

Arizona - Monument Valley

Escalante - East         38N/111W-37N/110W Tiger DEM
Marble Canyon - East     37N/111W-36N/110W Tiger DEM

Arkansas - Ouachita Lake

Little Rock - West       35N/095W-34N/094W Tiger DEM

California - Mt. Shasta

Weed - East              42N/123W-41N/122W Tiger DEM

(Note that all of the state of California is now readily available from our California and Nevada page.)

Colorado - Pikes Peak

Pueblo - East            39N/105W-38N/104W Tiger DEM
Pueblo - West            39N/106W-38N/105W Tiger DEM

Connecticut - Hartford

Hartford - East          42N/073W-41N/072W Tiger DEM

Delaware - Wilmington

Wilmington - West        40N/076W-39N/075W Tiger DEM

District of Columbia - Washington, DC

Washington - East        39N/077W-38N/076W Tiger DEM
Washington - West        39N/078W-38N/077W Tiger DEM

Florida - Cape Canaveral

Orlando - East           29N/081W-28N/080W Tiger DEM

Georgia - Atlanta

Rome - East              35N/085W-34N/084W Tiger DEM
Atlanta - East           34N/085W-33N/084W Tiger DEM

Hawaii - Hawaii

Hawaii - Center          20N/156W-19N/155W Tiger DEM
Hawaii - East            20N/155W-19N/154W Tiger DEM
Hawaii - North           21N/156W-20N/155W Tiger DEM
Hawaii - South           19N/156W-18N/155W Tiger DEM
Hawaii - West            20N/157W-19N/156W Tiger DEM

Hawaii - Oahu

Oahu                     22N/158W-21N/157W Tiger DEM
Maui - Northwest         22N/159W-21N/158W Tiger DEM

Idaho - Sun Valley

Hailey - East            44N/115W-43N/114W Tiger DEM

Illinois - Chicago

Chicago - West           42N/088W-41N/087W Tiger DEM
Rockford - East          43N/089W-42N/088W Tiger DEM
Racine - West            43N/088W-42N/087W Tiger DEM
Aurora - East            42N/089W-41N/088W Tiger DEM

Indiana - Patoka Lake

Vincennes - East         39N/087W-38N/086W Tiger DEM

Iowa - Des Moines

Des Moines - West        42N/094W-41N/093W Tiger DEM

Kansas - Wichita

Wichita - West           38N/098W-37N/097W Tiger DEM

Kentucky - Daniel Boone

Jenkins - West           38N/084W-37N/083W Tiger DEM

Louisiana - New Orleans

New Orleans - East       30N/090W-29N/089W Tiger DEM
New Orleans - West       30N/091W-29N/090W Tiger DEM

Maine - Baxter

Millinocket - East       46N/069W-45N/068W Tiger DEM
Millinocket - West       46N/070W-45N/069W Tiger DEM
Presque Isle - East      47N/069W-46N/068W Tiger DEM
Presque Isle - West      47N/070W-46N/069W Tiger DEM

Maryland - Cumberland

Cumberland - East        40N/079W-39N/078W Tiger DEM

Massachusetts - Cape Cod

Providence - East        42N/071W-41N/070W Tiger DEM

Michigan - Mackinac

Cheboygan - East         46N/085W-45N/084W Tiger DEM

Minnesota - Iron Range

Hibbing - East           48N/093W-47N/092W Tiger DEM

Missouri - Mark Twain

Rolla - East             38N/091W-37N/090W Tiger DEM

Mississippi - Natchez

Natchez - East           32N/092W-31N/091W Tiger DEM

Montana - Waterton-Rexford

Cut Bank - West          49N/114W-48N/113W Tiger DEM
Kalispell - East         49N/115W-48N/114W Tiger DEM

Nebraska - Crescent Lake

Scottsbluff - East       42N/103W-41N/102W Tiger DEM

Nevada - Carson City

Chico - East             40N/121W-39N/120W Tiger DEM
Reno - West              40N/120W-39N/119W Tiger DEM
Sacramento - East        39N/121W-38N/120W Tiger DEM
Walker Lake - West       39N/120W-38N/119W Tiger DEM

(Note that all of the state of Nevada is now readily available from our California and Nevada page.)

New Hampshire - Mount Washington

Lewiston - West          45N/072W-44N/071W Tiger DEM

New Jersey - Center

Newark - East            41N/075W-40N/074W Tiger DEM

New Mexico - Albuquerque

Albuquerque - East       36N/107W-35N/106W Tiger DEM

New York - Utica

Utica - West             44N/076W-43N/075W Tiger DEM

North Carolina - Cape Hatteras

Manteo - West            36N/076W-35N/075W Tiger DEM
Rocky Mount - East       36N/077W-35N/076W Tiger DEM

North Dakota - Watford City

Watford City - East      48N/103W-47N/102W Tiger DEM
Watford City - West      48N/104W-47N/103W Tiger DEM

Ohio - Columbus

Columbus - East          40N/083W-39N/082W Tiger DEM
Columbus - West          40N/084W-39N/083W Tiger DEM

Oklahoma - Lawton

Lawton - East            35N/099W-34N/098W Tiger DEM

Oregon - The Dalles

The Dalles - East        46N/121W-45N/120W Tiger DEM
The Dalles - West        46N/122W-45N/121W Tiger DEM

Pennsylvania - Harrisburg

Harrisburg - East        41N/077W-40N/076W Tiger DEM

Rhode Island - Providence

Providence - West        42N/072W-41N/071W Tiger DEM

South Carolina - Lake Marion

Augusta - East           34N/081W-33N/080W Tiger DEM

South Dakota - Prairie Coteau

Milbank - East           46N/097W-45N/096W Tiger DEM
Milbank - West           46N/098W-45N/097W Tiger DEM

Tennessee - Tennessee River

Chattanooga - East       36N/085W-35N/084W Tiger DEM

Texas - Big Bend National Park

Emory Peak - East        30N/103W-29N/102W Tiger DEM
Emory Peak - West        30N/104W-29N/103W Tiger DEM

Utah - Glen Canyon

Escalante - East         38N/111W-37N/110W Tiger DEM
Escalante - West         38N/112W-37N/111W Tiger DEM

Vermont - Montpelier

Lake Champlain - East    45N/073W-44N/072W Tiger DEM

Virginia - Richmond

Richmond - West          38N/078W-37N/077W Tiger DEM

Washington - Mount Rainier

Yakima - West            47N/122W-46N/121W Tiger DEM
Hoquiam - East           47N/123W-46N/122W Tiger DEM
Wenatchee - West         48N/122W-47N/121W Tiger DEM
Seattle - East           48N/123W-47N/122W Tiger DEM

West Virginia - Beckley

Bluefield - West         38N/082W-37N/081W Tiger DEM

Wisconsin - West Bend

Madison - East           44N/089W-43N/088W Tiger DEM

Wyoming - Yellowstone National Park

Ashton - East            45N/111W-44N/110W Tiger DEM

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