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About Martin D. Adamiker's

The author of TruFlite and currently the company's president, Martin D. Adamiker, was born in 1962 in Vienna, Austria. After studying Technical Physics at the Technical University Vienna, where he had to do with 3D modelling for finite element simulations, he joined the Siemens company as a software analyst.

Starting as early as 1985, he developed graphics programs. In the beginning it was all highly specialized applications for scientific purposes which gradually converged into the pool of ideas for the program TruFlite.

The success and the high performance of the first versions of TruFlite convinced Martin that it might be a good idea to found a company to commence a highly effective development, research and distribution philosophy for the program which thus can now be offered as an affordable tool to the public.

In 1997, the company's home has moved from Salzburg to Vienna, Austria, both cities being cultural and technological highlights in central Europe.

In 2003, Brenton White took over the U. S. market.

The Sales Executive, Anthony J. Kehlhofer, is from New York, NY.

The staff of freelance testers all over the world supports us to keep TruFlite where it is - leading edge.

To receive more information or place an order, contact:

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Brenton White
135 12th Street SW
Loveland, CO 80537
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The Martin D. Adamiker LLC
Tanbruckgasse 23/50
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