United States Maps


These maps of the 50 states were created using U. S. Bureau of the Census data: http://tiger.census.gov

Data Presentation

There are three types of images: Nationwide (1 image),  10 by 10 degrees (57 images), and 1 by 1 degree (3052 images).

The 1 by 1 degree images show the highest detail. They are GIF images, 1180 pixels (width) by 1248 pixels (height).

Each image is embedded in an HTML file. You can navigate from one image to the neighbor image by clicking on the navigator:


A checked navigator arrow indicates there is no neighboring file, i. e. you are at the margin of the area.



These features are shown on each 1 by 1 degree map:

State and county border Street Expressway
Water body Military area Highway
City Park Major road

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