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What does the surrounding and the horizon look like from a given viewpoint?

This example uses high resolution data:

This is the map that is used as the texture. It was created by blending:
  • NLCD 1992 Land Cover data; the light specks show forest clearings;
  • TruFlite elevation-to-color data; the general coloring (green-yellow-brown) using one of TruFlite's predefined palette files:

  • Tiger Census data; all road lines and names.

The red dot is the viewpoint from which the horizon is to be rendered. The blue letters are used to indicate the viewing direction.

This is a 3D view of the whole landscape; looking north. The terrain has been vertically exaggerated by a factor of 4. Even Scotts Flat Dam can be seen at the left (west) end of the lake!
And these are the views as seen from the center of the red dot.

The blue letters draped over the terrain indicate the viewing direction.

View Viewing
0 (N) 0 180 (S) 180
45 45 225 225
90 (E) 90 270 (W) 270
135 135 315 315

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