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Image rendered with TruFlite

Welcome to TruFlite's 3D World

High End Terrain Rendering

TruFlite V 6.1.1 demo version plus woska V 1.0, Windows and Linux (02/18/2011)

Free download!

woska is our new geocoder and download helper: this here version is fully functional! Get it today to download OpenStreetMap street maps from all over the world and combine them with SRTM elevation data! woska corrects NODATA areas by interpolation! That is, no gaping holes appear in the 3D image where SRTM data are missing.

TruFlite V 6.1 uses a revolutionary approach for setting the flight path: you can point the camera any direction, even focus it on a point of interest so that it will not escape the frame.

TruFlite V 6.1 has been designed using Qt. A Linux version is available, too!


California and Nevada, High Quality (05/30/2009)

One degree quads of California and Nevada. The data are SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) elevation data and U. S. Bureau of the Census texture data, combined and ready to use with TruFlite.


Picture Gallery

A collection of beautiful images and MPEG animations.


geoDataClient is out! (09/20/2008)

Have a look at our "What's New" page.


360 Degree Panoramas, Java Based!


TFMAKE makes 3D terrain visualization child's play.

This data acquisition tool is available free of charge. It is a valuable supplement for TruFlite, but can also be used stand-alone, i. e. for just downloading elevation and texture data.

It automates the data acquisition:

  • Just enter the geographical coordinates.
    If available, the appropriate data are downloaded.
    • USGS 1 arc second or 30 meter DEMs
    • Tiger Mapping Service textures
  • A scenery file is created
  • TruFlite.exe does the rendering

The version 5.0 enriches the palette of downloadable file formats: ZIP.


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